Jason Allan Mayfield is a member of the Mayfield family.  He is the current president of Mayfield Manufacturing Company in the town of Markham, Indiana.  He is the eldest of the three children of Aaron Mayfield and Jocelyn Quintard Mayfield.

He is a caring older brother, and is perhaps one of the nicest guys around.  He dated a number of women during his days in college at University of Indiana in Bloomington, but his heart was captured by Frieda Merriweather, who was also a student at University of Indiana.  To them, it didn't matter that their fathers were always feuding, they were in love with one another.

While Jason is as proud of being a Mayfield, he doesn't see the feud as what defines him.  He is in love with Frieda, no matter what his father says, or her father says for that matter! 

He is close to his brother, Andrew, although he spends most of his time in Bloomington, and doesn't return to Markham all that much; but he tends to worry overmuch about his sister, Mary Kate.  She is a student at Ambridge College, but is also rumored to be very promiscuous. 

He and Frieda want to get married, as a way to join their two families, but the fathers want nothing to do with it, seeing it as a betrayal of their long-running feud.

Although he is a fair minded individual, given his birthright as one of the Mayfields, he doesn't tolerate nonsense, and is more than appalled that his soon-to-be father in law had molested his own daughter, Corrine Merriweather, although that would be the least of her concerns, as it is possible that Corrine is his cousin, due to the fact that her mother, Elizabeth Merriweather had an affair with his uncle, Jonathan. With that secret looming, what will it spell for Jason and Frieda?

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