Frieda Jayne Merriweather is the daughter of William Merriweather and Elizabeth Merriweather.  She has a younger sister named Corrie, whose parentage is in doubt.  Frieda grew up as the oldest daughter in the Merriweather family, and was known for her gardening, a trait that she had picked up from her mother, who is the president of the Garden Club. 

She finds the feuding between her father and the Mayfields to be not befitting of two prominent families in Markham, Indiana, but there were MORE secrets to be had. At first, she couldn't find the accusations that Aaron Mayfield were levelling against her father to be true, but when she walked in on William molesting Corrie, the rumors were revealed to be true.  Infuriated, Frieda went to her soon-to-be in-laws to be with her fiance.  Elizabeth and Corrie went with her. 

Despite their checkered pasts because of the fighting between their fathers, she and her fiance, Jason Mayfield are deeply in love and desperately try to bring their fathers together as friends again, but that is harder to do than say.  The two had grown up most of their lives in Markham, but didn't have any regular contact with one another until they went to school together at the University of Indiana.

They began dating in their senior year in College, and then they returned to Markham, where Jason began to work at Mayfield Manufacturing and Frieda became a public communications officer at Ambridge College.  Upon her return home, she joined the garden club with her mother.  During that time, she and Jason realized that they are in love.

Of course, their fathers are enraged that they are planning to get married.  However, their mothers are thrilled, and are working hard to ensure that the nuptuals go off without a hitch; and that the fathers don't let their childish feud ruin everything. 

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