On Highway 41 a few miles outside of Markham is a Shell Truck Stop.  It's at this truck stop that Mary Kate Mayfield was known for hanging out. Which was a stunning thing to be done, especially by a lovely young woman like her.

Mary Kate was the younger child and only daughter of Aaron and Jocelyn.  She was a student at Ambridge College, and was studying to be a designer.  She had plans to attend a major art school in Indianapolis, but she prefered her models, all man and ready to jump into bed with her.

Her promiscuous behavior made her no fans with anyone in Markham, not even with her oldest brother, Jason.  It was one of the few things that Jason agreed with the Merriweathers about.  Mary Kate was notorious for flouting her disrespect for the family in their faces.  Her nights at the Truck Stop were more and more frequent, and at times she would not arrive back home until Five in the morning.

Jason and Frieda, his fiancee, were not too fond of Mary Kate's constant shenanigans at the truck stop.  But that didn't stop Mary Kate from indulging in her affairs.  Even her fair-minded mother, Jocelyn, was disapproving of Mary Kate's constant flirtations, none of which lasted more than a night or two.

That morning, at breakfast, Mary Kate sullenly ate her meal, while everyone looked at her with disapproval.  Jason and Frieda were talking with one another, while Jocelyn was talking with her mother, Elizabeth.  Frieda's younger sister, Corrine, had had an early breakfast and had gone to school.  (Corrine too was an Ambridge student, studying journalism)

"Did Corrie get to school all right?" Jason asked.  He had been worried about his soon-to-be sister in-law, since she had been attacked by her monstrous father.

"It took some doing to convince her to go back," Frieda said, "but at least, it keeps her mind off of what happened.  She told me she would throw herself into her writing."

"Want to take her to lunch today, honey?" Jason asked.  "I can see about getting the day off, and then we can go somewhere away from Markham and get a nice late lunch, how about that?"

"I think that would be good," Frieda smiled, "for her and me both."

"I'll call her," Jason smiled, "she's not in class until 8:30 and it's Eight now."

Jason called Corrine, "Corrie," he said, "it's Jason, what are you doing for lunch today?"

Corrine was working, "Not much," she said, "I have no afternoon classes, I found out.  Our department head is in Chicago, and we've got only the one class at 8:30.  Once that class is over, I should be home, why do you ask?"

"Well," Jason said, "I was thinking about you, your sister and I going somewhere, getting away from Markham and going for a late lunch.  I am taking a day off from the office and I think the three of us would have a good time."

Corrine smiled, for the first time since all her trials began to happen, "Count me in," she said, "the minute I get done with class, I can meet you somewhere, and the three of us can head out."

"Frieda and I will pick you up at Ambridge Union after your class," Jason said.

"See you later," Corrine smiled.

Frieda grinned, "Thank you, honey," she said, "that was so nice what you did for Corrie."

"She deserves some fun," Jason said, "she's had it rough."

Unfortunately, for him, his father, Aaron, stormed in.

"I don't want those Merriweathers in this house today!" he pronounced.

Jocelyn glared at her husband, "I am sorry, Aaron," she snapped, "this is one time you won't bully your own way.  Elizabeth and Corrine are staying here for the time being, and they will REMAIN here as my guests, and there is nothing you can say about it!"

"You are my wife," Aaron yelled, "submit to me!"

Jocelyn, incensed by what Aaron had said, slapped him across the face.  Jason and Frieda were astonished, but pleased that Jocelyn had stood up for herself against Aaron.

"Nothing to say in my defense, boy?" Aaron sneered.

"When you slap my mother in the face," Jason said angrily, "that is INDEFENSIBLE!"

"I can't remove you from your post," Aaron said, "since Andrew and Mary Kate will not even come into the business!"

"Look, Dad," Jason said, "I know Mary Kate won't come into the business, because of her.....ways," he turned to glare at his sister, "maybe Andrew might, I don't know, hard to say with him, though."

"Perhaps," Aaron conceded, "and I shouldn't have pushed your mother to slap me.  But Andrew is happy in Bloomington.  He'll never come into the business here.  Why would he want to give up being in Bloomington?"

"True," Jason said, "but Elizabeth, Frieda and Corrie are gonna be part of our family soon.  I know you and Mr. Merriweather don't get along, I can understand that, but can you at least unbend towards the women?  One of those women is the one I want to share my life with.  I love her, Dad.  I love her very much."

"All right," Aaron said, "Elizabeth, I still hate your husband for what he did to my sister, but it sounds like she forgave him and you."

"I was at the Steiner mansion in Terre Haute," Elizabeth said, "Catherine and Andrew were most gracious. She kind of understood why it happened when it did.  If anything, she was grateful towards me."

Aaron was astonished, "Grateful?" he said.

"Yes," Elizabeth said, "She told me that after she nearly ran out into the street, it kind of shook her awake.  I was appalled at what William had done.  Ditching Catherine at the altar, and him basically ending your friendship.  You're angry at William, and I don't blame you for that.  If anything, I do understand more than you think."

"Thank you, Elizabeth," Aaron said, graciously, "I am glad you do."

"Will we be all right?" she asked.

"You, Corrie and Frieda will have permanent rooms here," Aaron said, "my argument was never with you or your daughters, it was always with William Merriweather.  And Frieda, you and my son can be married in the garden behind the house.  Jason, I give my blessing for you marrying Frieda."

Jason was awestruck, "Thank you, Dad," he said. 

Aaron grinned, "You kids go on and get Corrie," he said, "and have a fun day.  I will take care of the office."

Frieda gave Aaron a brilliant smile, "Thank you, Mr. Mayfield," she said.

"Call me Aaron," he said, "or call me Dad."

"All right......Dad," Frieda smiled, and waved.

Jocelyn went to Aaron and kissed him, "Now, THAT is the man I fell in love with years ago," she smiled.

"Thank you, Jocelyn" he smiled, "and welcome to the family, Elizabeth."

Elizabeth smiled graciously, "Thank you, Aaron," she said, "I haven't said anything to anyone yet, but you two.  I am going to divorce William.  What I did to him with Jonathan was wrong, and I concede that.  I also had a DNA test run.  Corrie IS William's daughter and Jonathan was excluded as a father, given he was dead, and what he did to his own flesh and blood was despicable.  I am leaving him immediately.  He wants to behave so despicably, then he cannot have me either."

"Good idea, Elizabeth," Jocelyn said.

"And our lawyers are at your disposal," Aaron said, "we'll give you whatever help you need on this one."

"Thank you, Aaron," Elizabeth said, "now I know what a real good guy you are.  William lost a good friend in you."

"It is his loss," Aaron said, "he wants to act the way he does, then that is his loss!" 

Just then, the doorbell rang.  Ravenswood, the butler went to it.  It was William Merriweather.

"What are you doing here?" Elizabeth said angrily.

"Did you think your doctor would not have told me anything?" he snapped back.  "What about the brat?  I bet she was Jonathan's daughter, like I've always said she was!"

"Merriweather, you are a bastard," Aaron said angrily, "not to mention a fool!  She is YOUR daughter, you son of a bitch!"

William was stunned.  "Where is she?" he demanded.

"You make no demands in my house, Merriweather," Aaron ordered, "she is out of the house right now!"

"She is MY daughter, and thereby my property!" William demanded.

"Not anymore," Elizabeth said coldly, "You are finished!"

"How dare you speak to me in this manner, Elizabeth?!" William yelled, "You are my WIFE!"

"Not anymore I'm not!" Elizabeth said acidly, "I am filing for divorce!"

"I'll contest it!"

"Willie," a twenty something voice shrilled, "are you coming?"

The entire company was disgusted, in came a beautiful twenty year old blonde, a student at Ambridge.

Mary Kate was appalled.  It was Candice Eastley, an old friend of hers.

"Your latest chippie, eh, William?" Aaron said scornfully.

"One of my own CLASSMATES?!" Mary Kate squawked.

"You are perverted!" Elizabeth spat.

"Elizabeth," Aaron smiled, glaring at William, "I can have your divorce petition expedited this very morning and in court early tomorrow morning!"

"Thank you, Aaron," Elizabeth said.

"You're siding with the Mayfields?!" William snapped.

"Yes, I am!" Elizabeth said, "what you did to our daughter was DESPICABLE!  And you WILL answer for it!"

"I am a Merriweather!" William said pompously, "I will be allowed to slide!"

"Yeah," Candice said, looking up doe-eyed at William.

"You are a bitch!" Mary Kate snapped, "Falling for a pervert!"

"She must have wanted it," Candice said nastily.

Elizabeth walked up to the smug blonde and slapped her hard across the face.

"Get them both out of here, Aaron," Elizabeth said, "I can't stand to look at them anymore!"

"With pleasure!" Aaron assured his new friend, "Ravenswood, get this piece of trash and the slut he is with out of this home!"

Ravenswood took the protesting William and Candice out of the house and forced them out of the house. 

"You will not get away with this, Mayfield!" William screamed.  He took a rock and threw it against the door.  Then he stormed off.

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